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Bona Foodie | Cardome | Prowler

1. Bona Foodie

Bona Foodie means good food in some long dead gay lingo and we wholeheartedly agree.


2. Cardome

Cardome was for many years Brighton's only gay orientated shop.



3. Prowler

Local branch of that famous London Adult shop. You'll find all manner of stuff inside.


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Gay shops?
Only Prowler & possibly Cardome are really gay shops, so we may list some more shops soon.
Meanwhile here's a little more about the St.James Street area.
Morrisons offers just about everything food wise and small branches of Sainsbury, Co-op and Tesco are also on the street
Boots and a small independant.
Coffee Shops:
You can get a coffee in all the seafont bars but if you prefer St.James Street has it's own Starbucks and a number of local coffee shops.