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Amsterdam Sauna | The Brighton Sauna | TBS2

1. Amsterdam Sauna

The Amsterdam Hotel has it's own sauna.




2. The Brighton Sauna

Brighton's biggest Sauna is right opposite the most famous tourist atrtaction in Brighton


3. TBS2

The smaller sister sauna to the Brighton Sauna.




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What to expect ?
At all three sauna's you are likely to find a mix of men of all ages but don't let the adverts influence you too much as you are unlikely to find many 'model' types.
So what men do go?
Some locals, lots of tourists especially of the foreign kind and guys who can't come out on the scene proper.
What should I do when I get there?
If you've never been to a sauna before just let the friendly staff know and they'll give you some pointers.
Any tips?
Shower after everything, we can't stress that enough!
Any discounts?
Staying at certain gay hotels may get you a discount.