Scene Map

1. Legends Sponsor

Legends oozes style and it's obvious they have spent a small fortune on the place.


2. A-Bar

A-Bar is the only bar we have come across with it's own sauna, a definate selling point for many we would imagine.

3. Bulldog

The oldest gay pub in Brighton is the Bulldog, it isn't stylish or glamourous but it's not trying to be.


4. Camelford Arms

The main bear bar in Brighton aimed at the older bear crowd.



5. Charles Street

Charles Street is still one of the most gorgeous gay bars in Brighton.



6. Marine Tavern

Friendly 'whole in the wall' style pub. We think this is a little gem.



7. Queens Arms


Camp as a christmas tree, and they know it. It's not about being pretentious at the QA, it's about fun.

8. R-Bar


Brighton's number one girls bar is right on the seafront next to Harry Ramsden's.


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Pub crawl anyone?

Boyz Pub Crawl
Start the night at Charles Street, then head off to The Amsterdam, make a quick trip to QA and The Marine Tavern the finnish up at Legends.
Avoid : Unless you're butch Camelford & Bulldog might be a it too much!

Girlz Pub Crawl

Start the night at R-Bar, then head off to Charles Street up to The Amsterdam & Legends then back down to Revenge.
Avoid : Camelford & Bulldog might be a bit heavy for the girlz!

Men's Pub Crawl

Start the night at The Bulldog, then head off to The Marine Tavern, down to the Camelford and then down to Legends.

Avoid :
You can go anywhere, that's what being a real man affords you, you can even get a Kebab if you like!