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  • Scene : Girls, Students
  • Style & vibe: Mixed, Theme Nights, rough
  • Popular Drinks: Corona, Smirnoff Ice
  • Door Charge: Varies from around £2/£3 weekdays to £5 weekends

Club Revenge to give it it's full name used to be the number one gay club in Brighton before the pub hours changed. It's still a popular venue but it's shifted it's focus now to being a more mixed (straight/gay) venue with a mix of nights. They have a variety of nights but mainly concentrate on the weekend. Every year you'll find that the X Factor rejects generally make a call here before doing G-A-Y so if you like that sort of thing then you'll love Revenge. It's a bit rough and ready but it's great for those who dont mind a very mixed gay/straight venue.

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opening times: Tues 11pm - 3am, Thurs 10:30pm - 5am, Fri 10:30pm - 5am, Sat 10:30pm - 6am
address: 31-32 Old Steine, Brighton. BN1 1EL
phone: +44(0)1273 606064
fax: +44(0)1273 unlisted